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What is iZeeTRACE

iZeeTRACE is a wide range (up to 250m) tracking and tracing beacon with weather proof enclosure (IP68 rated) and functionality using Low-Energy Bluetooth®.

How does it work?

Our partner BeWhere’s application communicates to BeWhere beacons through low energy Bluetooth® connection on Bluetooth® enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets and BLE/wi-fi gateways. The devices transmit their own GPS localisation information as well as the beacon data to an online database using wi-fi or cellular mobile data connection.

Through our map based application showing the location of smartphones and tablets along with the location of beacons and the beacon data including number of impacts, temperature, light exposure, proximity, battery level, speed, latitude and longitude.


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    Multi-device functionality

    Connect to any Android, IOS, Windows based device

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    Geolocation mapping

    Find inventory, equipment and tools in buildings / job sites (within 250 m radius)

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    Inventory automation

    Automate Inventory pick-up and drop-off times

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    Inventory sensors

    Provides sensor (temperature, light, accelerometer) information on goods

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    Loss alert system

    Receive automated notifications to prevent inventory/equipment loss

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    Highly durable

    Ruggedised, 2-year battery life, and waterproof


Increased inventory safety

Reduced theft and pilferage with easy tracking of assets

Improved utilisation

Efficient utilization of movable assets, inventory and devices as they can be tracked and located easily

Data security

Secure and seamless information sharing and planning through effective recording, analysis and reporting of inventory and asset data