What is iZeeDATA

Data is the next big thing. At iZeeM, we help you to analyse the reports generated from your fleet and business systems through iZeeData so you can make decisions that will have a much greater impact for your business.


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    Value-added analytics

    Predictive Analytics to determine customer needs and service package

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    Comprehensive and customized report generation

    We have capability to generate a wide range of reports based on your requirements to suit the demand of your business.

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    Enhanced data security and protection

    Stringent Data Transmission Control, strict Access Monitoring, 24/7 Systems Monitoring

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    Efficient data management

    Regular Audits, Data availability & backup, Data retention, correction & deletion


Efficient and effective decision making

With easy availability of information in the form of user friendly reports and dashboards, you will be empowered to take effective decisions for your mobility business.

Data safety and accessibility

Our secure servers and stringent data policies ensure that your proprietary data is protected, encrypted and also available to you via proper access control

Multi-system data access and consolidation

Through iZeeData, not only will you be able to access data from iZeeFLEET, iZeeSAFE and iZeeTRACE but also from other systems that are integrated in the IoT platform. Based on your requirements, we are able to provide data in a simplified and understandable format.

Types of Reports at a Glance
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    Vehicle Reports

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    Drivers Reports

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    Jobs/Trips Reports

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    Inventory Reports

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    Engine Reports