Mobile-Internet Of Things (M-IoT) Solutions

Transforming the movement of people and  assets with Intelligent Mobility Applications

Ι  Experience the communication, aggregation, analysis, and application of information from real-world objects by real-world objects  Ι

Make your fleet, assets, equipments and all other resources a part of the connected world!

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What we do best?

We access your current services, augment with suitable IoT solutions, to apply towards different verticals and operations.

Fleet Management

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Asset Management

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Workforce Management

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Safety & Surveillance

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Identify & Create

We help you identify the pain points of your business through consultation and developing suitable IoT projects that meets your needs

Connect Resources

We help you connect your resources in the physical world to the internet for intelligent communications across your organisation’s hierarchy

Workflow Automation

We automate processes between business functions to enhance resource optimisation by enabling data sharing for increased visibility in the value chain

Perform Analytics

Data generation and aggregation provides a 360 degree approach towards performing analytics of operations on a daily basis.


How we do it?

Through digitisation and automation of operations and documentation, a seamless integration is provided across business functions and operations.


Reliable & advanced technology solutions tailored to your business needs


Seamless integration into your business operations


Translate data into actionable insights to improve your business

Past Clients

The Industries we serve

Industry efficiency is closely linked to visibility. iZeeM helps companies of any size and industry increase operational efficiency, enhance productivity, reduce costs while making assets, vehicles, equipments smarter and safer

Why choose us?

We aim at transforming the operational challenges faced by business into opportunities for the future

Tailored IoT Solutions

M-IoT solutions with real time tracking, monitoring and data processing abilities that meet client needs & enhance fleet operation efficiency.

Fleet Safety Consultation

Provide fleet risk consultancy, assessment and collaborate with risk management and safety expertise to provide safety monitoring platform, drive workplace safety, ensuring fleet safety

Training & Support

In-house and partners’s expertise to train users on hardware installation and software application. Hosting, server, database support to ensure high level of customer satisfaction.

Customisable Reports & Data Analysis

Standardized & customizable reports on an operational dashboard providing insights and KPIs to understand business performance

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